Our preferred cutting tools

Looking for premium cutting tools? We’ve got everything you need for landscaping, grape harvesting, floristry, arboriculture, vegetable production and forestry. Get ready to saw, clear, cut, prune, trim and more.

Cutting tools for all your needs

If you manage an orchard, vineyard, vegetable farm or nursery, you’ve come to the right place. We offer top-of-the-line products and expert advice for cutting and pruning vines, grapevines, apple trees, fruit bushes, pumpkins, squash, garlic, flowers, hedges and more.

Manual and electric cutting tools

Knives, scissors, shears, electric pruners (not air pruners), saws, chainsaws, blades, hedge trimmers, lithium batteries, protective gloves, poles, hoof trimmers (sheep, goats)… If you’re looking for cutting tools, you’ve come to the right place.

Cutting tools to keep your workers safe

Proper equipment can increase worker productivity and reduce the risk of injury (tendonitis, carpal tunnel, falls, etc.), especially for workers whose tasks involve bending, working at heights or performing repetitive movements.

Our cutting and pruning tools

Electric pruners and saws, manual shears, harvesting shears, horticulture tools… We offer top-quality cutting tools for pruning field crops and urban farms.

Electric pruners
The best pruning shears for pruning large quantities. Invest today for long-term profits.
Manual pruners
Italian pruning shears with exceptional quality and smooth handling. Your wrists will thank you!
Harvesting pruners
Precision pruners designed for grape harvesting. Ideal for vineyard harvesting periods!
Electric saws
Our tools for pruning large branches are versatile, light and compatible with electric pruners.
Manual saws
A must for clean, precision cuts. Choose from among our foldable and compact models.

Download our product catalogue

Download our catalogue of horticultural products and discover the wide range of tools, equipment and machinery for horticultural production. Trellising, cutting and harvesting tools, weed control, protection against birds, insects and predators… You’ll find everything you need.

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