Discover our horticultural machinery

Spraying, cultivating, pruning, trimming, mowing, desuckering… Whatever the job, we have the machinery to help you achieve your horticultural projects in the vineyard, orchard, field or elsewhere. You work hard. Do it with quality products that are just as hardworking.

Take advantage of ULV technology or attachments for your sprayer system.
Work the soil deeply to properly aerate it and eliminate weeds.
Leaf removers
Get beautiful clusters by providing your grapes with adequate sun exposure, without too much effort.
Gain precious time by easily and quickly pre-pruning your vines.
Prune your plants without compromising on speed or quality, while saving on labour.
Clean your plant rows and eliminate weeds to help your crops grow.
Desuckering tools
Remove adventitious shoots (tougher/younger shoots) from grapevines to promote the ripening of grape-bearing branches.

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