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Investing in an electric pruner means time saved, especially if you have a lot of pruning to do. Our premium-quality electric pruners have proven to be the best ones on the market, year after year (versatile, with interchangeable heads, battery lasting the entire day, extension pole system for cutting at heights, patented safety technology to prevent injury, etc.).

  • Infaco Electrocoup F3020 Pruner

    The F3020 electric pruning shear is the worthy heir to the F3015. After over 6 years of research, tests and fine-tuning, INFACO is proud to present its latest model of pruning shears. A genuine concentrate of technology, the F3020 builds on the highly respected F3015 technical base adding many improvements to allow our clients to continue using the best tool available on the market.

    Even more effective than the F3015, the F3020 has higher cutting speeds and improved work comfort.

    Lighter, more compact and easier to handle than the previous generations, the F3020 once again demonstrates the brand’s will to satisfy the greatest number.

    It is also possible to change the cutting head yourself depending on the work being done. Three kits available (Standard, Medium and Maxi).

    Aluminum body:
    – Materials: a special alloy used in aeronautics
    – Weight: 708 g (compact and light)
    – Exceptional performance, power and speed
    – High cutting capacity: 40 mm Standard kit / 45 mm Medium kit / 55 mm Maxi kit
    – Ergonomic design
    – Integral non-slip finish (very comfortable grip)
    – Highly accurate progressiveness
    – DSES Wireless cut prevention system as standard
    – Electronic half-aperture adjustment: 10 easily programmable pre-set positions to choose from for your ideal half-aperture setting.
    – Electronic blade crossing adjustment: 10 easily programmable pre-set positions to choose from for your ideal blade crossing setting.

    Lithium-ion battery:
    – 108 Wh
    – Ultra-compact and light
    – Weight: 698 g
    – Full autonomy of 8 hours (depending on usage and storage conditions)
    – Integrated electronic battery management and protection system (BMS)
    – Battery storage cells chosen for their reliability and capacity to deliver intense current.
    – High-capacity lithium cells – POWERTOOLS battery cell technology

    F3020 battery jacket:
    – Excellent comfort of use thanks to the adjustable battery-carrying possibilities.
    – Four different ways to carry the battery (on a jacket with straps; on the belt; using a trouser belt clip; or directly in one’s pocket, given the device’s small size)
    – The new INFACO pruning shear holder is ergonomic, light and discrete.
    – AIRFLOW contact system : the belt has been designed to optimise air flow and therefore considerably reduce perspiration effects.

    Smart automatic charger:
    – Quick charge 90% in 1h30.
    – Complete charge in 2h (cell balancing included).
    – “Long Life” wintering mode used when placing the battery into an extended storage state so service life can be optimized.

    🖤 This product is a customer favourite.

    • 1-year AGRI-FLEX warranty*
    • * Have your pruner inspected before their warranty year-end (fees associated with inspection) and you’ll get the second year of warranty for free. The same process can be repeated for a third year of warranty. The gear motor has a 3-year guarantee, while the aluminum body is guaranteed for life.
  • Extension pole for infaco electric pruner

    The INFACO design office engineers have completely revolutionised the pole system to propose an innovating and ergonomic solution.

    Simply clip your F3020 pruning shear to the end of the pole and the battery to the other end: that’s it, your tool is ready for use.

    Forget the previous cables and operate your shear using a Bluetooth® trigger system situated in the sliding handle making it very easy to use.

    Benefit from optimised balance thanks to the weight distribution but also increased battery safety in bad weather.

    The tool versatility will be appreciated by users, whether for large cuts or overhead work.

    Two versions available: Built-in battery – Offset battery (static and telescopic)

    🖤This product is a customer favourite.

    • Materials: carbon
    • Available sizes:
    • P9T120 telescopic pole, from 1,47m to 2,12m (offset battery version)
    • P9T120B telescopic pole, from 1.56m to 2.21m (built-in battery version)
    • P9F210 fixed pole, 2.27m (offset battery version)
    • Manche télescopique P9T120B de 1.56m à 2.21m version batterie intégrée
    • P9T210B telescopic pole, from 2,47m to 4,02m (built-in battery version)
    • P9F210B fixed pole, 2,36m (built-in battery version)
  • Safety glove with metal finger caps

    Compatible with all electric or pneumatic pruner types. A pair of gloves comprising one normal glove and one glove with finger caps (for the hand opposite the pruner-holding hand) to avoid accidents.

    Indispensable for anyone working with electric and/or pneumatic pruners!

    Materials: Water-repellent full-grain cowhide back, with palm in water-repellent full-grain cowhide turned inside out (for better abrasion resistance)
    Lining: Polar 100% polyester with a special waterproof-breathable lining
    Assembly: American cut with palmed thumb. Double sewing for durability and tightening elastic on back.
    Reinforcement: Between thumb and forefinger and inside each finger except thumb, at caps (invisible reinforcement)
    Wrist: Elastic knit wrist with artery protection to ensure tightening and protection of the forearm.
    Stitching: Polyamide thread

    Materials: Water-repellent full-grain cowhide
    Assembly: American cut with palmed thumb. Double sewing for durability and tightening elastic on back.
    Wrist: Elastic knit wrist with artery protection to ensure tightening and protection of the forearm.
    Colour: Beige
    Stitching: Polyamide thread

    • Available in sizes 6 to 12
    • Colour: Beige
    • 313BHFM for right-handed users (left glove with metal finger caps + right glove without caps)
    • 314BHFM for left-handed users (right glove with metal finger caps + left glove without caps)
    • Ideal for : 
    • vineyards
    • orchard
    • Berry cultivation
  • Infaco dses safety glove

    Worn on the opposite hand of the one holding the electric pruner, the INFACO DSES safety glove is designed to provide adequate protection without compromising comfort and dexterity, unlike reinforced or chainmail gloves.

    Safety system compatible with INFACO F3010 and F3015 electric pruners and composed of a conductive safety glove connected to a specific DSES spiral cable. As soon as the cutting head comes into contact with the conductive glove, the pruning shears’ blade opens instantly, thereby preventing accidents.

    Available for right or left hand.

    • Available sizes: 7 to 11
    • Available formats: right hand or left hand
    • Cutting wet wood: YES
    • Cutting close to the ground: YES
    • Triggering by contact with trellis wires: NO
    • Specific DSES F3015 spiral cable to be connected with the INFACO conductive safety glove: YES
    • Wearing of INFACO conductive glove: mandatory with connection cable
  • Infaco F3010 shears hoof-trimming head

    Are you a sheep or goat farmer? As you know, their hooves have to be trimmed once or twice a year to keep the animals firmly on their feet and help them fight against foot rot. A vital but laborious task that requires dexterity, strength and patience.

    Designed to trim sheep and goat hooves with less effort on the breeder’s part, INFACO’s F3010 HOOF-TRIMMING KIT ensures precision and speed, thanks in part to the ELECTROCOUP’s progressive approach. This is the perfect tool for limiting the risk of injury to the animal and reducing its stress during the operation.

    • Weight: 823 g
    • Blade opening: 60 mm
    • Cutting capacity: 40 mm
    • Sold with a 48 V lithium-ion battery
    • Not compatible with DSES safety system
  • Infaco A48V3 electric sharpener (48 v)

    Sharpen your blades properly and in record time with INFACO’s A48V3 electric sharpener, now compatible with ELECTROCOUP F3015 batteries, thanks to its 3-pad connection. Use it daily to optimize your blades for a higher yield from your ELECTROCOUP F3015 electric pruner. Allows you to sharpen even outdoors.

    • Accessories shipped with the machine: Abrasive band, Flap wheel , Cutting disc
    • Mandrel diameter: 3 mm
    • Weight: 350 g
    • Rotation speed: 6,000 rpm
    • Voltage: 48 Vcc

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