Agri-Flex, your expert partner for agricultural projects

At Agri-Flex, agriculture is our business. We specialize in agricultural solutions to improve your crop yields, including top-quality growing products and personalized advice on how to use them.

We’re growers too

We were born on a farm. We studied agriculture. Decades later, we’re still working in the field. We know agriculture inside and out. Take advantage of our experience and expertise.

We offer a wide selection of products

Over the years, we’ve had the chance to test a wide range of agricultural products and equipment. We offer a wide selection of our top picks.

We’re familiar with all crop types

As people who are passionate about agriculture, we’re constantly learning about the crops and growing techniques used across Canada. Corn, soybeans, grains… We’re familiar with them all.

Agriculture is second nature to us!

We know all the challenges that farmers face. Our goal is to provide you with solutions that suit your needs, crops and the season.

Forage conservation

Filling bunkers and silage bags. Wrapping round and square bales of wet or dry hay. Effective forage conservation is serious business and needs to be done using the right techniques. Call on our experts for personalized advice and get the best available products for your needs.

Protection against birds and predators

Is your crop threatened by birds, rodents, deer or other predators? Crop protection is essential for all growing operations. It’s not something to take lightly. That’s why we test a wide range of predator-proofing products and only offer the ones that our team actually uses.

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