Discover our protective products for young plants

Because young plants and shoots are vulnerable, they need to be properly protected from strong winds, animals and herbicide drifts. Discover our protectors or even our grow tubes, which also activate plants’ growth while protecting them.

  • BLUE-X Grow Tube

    Our BLUE-X grow tubes feature a patented two-piece construction that is designed to protect young vines and seedlings and accelerate early growth rates. BLUE-X Grow Tubes are placed around seeds, seedlings or transplants at planting time, or retrofitted on existing seedlings. Our grow tubes are shipped flat and the two pieces can be quickly assembled.

    Field studies of BLUE-X Tree Tubes have documented increased growth rates averaging 100-150%, with certain species exceeding 500%. A seedling with enhanced early growth will always be ahead of a plant of the same age that does not have the growth advantage provided by a BLUE-X Tree Tube.

    When installed properly, seedlings are protected from deer, rodents, rabbits, and other herbivores. BLUE-X Grow Tubes also protect your seedling investment from excessive wind that can cause drying and mechanical damage. Our grow tubes help protect from chemical sprays and herbicide drift, while providing non-chemical pest protection maximizing seedling growth and survival during critical early stages of plant development. For almost three decades, BLUE-X has been leading the way in reforestation and woody plant establishment with 95 to 100% success rates.

    BLUE-X Grow Tubes create a beneficial microclimate inside the shelter for each seedling, with:
    – Increased humidity
    – Higher CO₂ levels
    – Reduced drying and mechanical damage caused by wind
    – Protection of young seedlings from wildlife browse
    – Reduction of harmful UV light
    – Beneficial enhanced blue light

    BLUE-X Grow Tubes were the first tree tubes offering the unique characteristics of enhanced blue light. One of the benefits of blue light is that it boosts root development during critical early stages of biological transition into the surrounding soil. This encourages diameter growth in trees, resulting in stronger trunks and branches as well as accelerated early vegetative growth. Depending upon the application, they can be anchored with a PVC, steel, wood, fibreglass or bamboo stake.

    We recommend that you prune and remove any unwanted suckers or lateral branches on your seedlings or bareroot trees prior to installing a grow tube. This maximizes the chance of establishing a strong and healthy root system with overall accelerated growth and good root-to-shoot ratio, thereby helping achieve a healthy successful planting!

    To assemble a BLUE-X grow tube, take a single sheet of blue plastic film (Part A), roll it up into approximately a 2” diameter cylinder and insert it into a blue-tinted poly sleeve (Part B) which is open at both ends. The tensile strength of PET (Part A) will form the tube when released inside of Part B. Even up the ends of Part A, allowing a minimum of one-half inch (½”) of Part B to extend above the top of the inner sheet (Part A). This step must be completed prior to anchoring to a stake or any hole punches for ventilation.

    BLUE-X Standard tree tubes are manufactured as a solid wall grow tube but can be vented with one of our staking or ventilation punches. Once your grow tube is installed and anchored to the stake, simply pinch one side of the tube together and punch as many or as few holes as needed and repeat on the opposite side.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend that you not ventilate any lower than 24” from the bottom of the grow tube. This keeps the part safe by allowing for human error with hand or mechanical sprayers when using any type of herbicides. If you are going to use herbicides, we recommend that you apply them on a day with as little wind as possible. Studies have shown that herbicides sprayed in just a 4-mph wind have traveled up to 10+ miles from the point of application.

    Just as important as the grow tube is to the success and survival of your tree, the type of support stake you choose for the installation will play a large role in determining your chances for a successful planting. We especially recommend bamboo or fibreglass stakes.

    • 15 inches (38 cm)
    • 24 inches (60 cm)
    • 30 inches (76 cm)
    • 48 inches (122 cm)
    • 54 inches (137 cm)
    • Diameter: 3.5 inches (9 cm)
    • Ideal for : 
    • vineyards
    • orchard
    • nursery
  • Zipset Tree Sleeve

    Commonly called “milk cartons,” Zipset protective crop sleeves/tubes are a cost-effective carton barrier that protects newly planted crops from sun, wind and pesticide applications. They also provide a micro-environment that helps nursery plants adapt to the field upon transplanting.

    Zipset protective crop sleeves/tubes are made from biodegradable milk cartons.

    • The standard size for fruit and nut trees is 3” square x 18″ high
    • The standard sizes for vines are 3 ¾” square x 20”, 24” and 30” high.

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