Discover our trellising anchors

Whatever your soil type, (rocky, sandy, etc.), we have the perfect anchors to ensure the solidity of your end posts. Our top-quality anchors are tested by our trellising experts to resist grape weight and seasonal changes.

  • Helix screw anchor

    Screw anchor for securing row ends. Anchor that screws into the soil and attaches to the end post to firmly hold the row in place with proper tensioning. Painted or hot-dip galvanized for a long service life.

    Strong eyelet design allows for machine or mechanical installation without breaking the anchor. Most commonly used option in plantations, always very solid. Used in all soil types, except for extremely rocky terrain; in such cases, contact us for other solutions.

    🖤 This product is a customer favourite.

    • 30’’x 4’’ x 3/4’’
    • 40’’x 4’’ x 3/4’’
    • 48’’x 4’’ x 3/4’’
    • Red
    • Eyelet at end for attaching wire or cable.
    • Ideal for : 
    • vineyards
    • orchard
    • raspberry farms
  • Fenox standard anchor

    Anchors specially created for extremely rocky soils. Three fixing rods in the ground hold on to the rocks, offering very strong anchoring. Anchors are made of hot-dip galvanized steel (interior and exterior). Used for anchoring trellis rows with end posts. Available in 500 mm, 600 mm or 1 metre. You will need the ground plate, driving tool and sleeve for the installation.

    • Available in 500 mm, 600 mm or 1 metre. Anchor hook included
    • The three tools required for the installation are sold separately.
    • Anchor hook included
    • Ideal for : 
    • vineyards
    • orchard
    • Berry cultivation

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