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Our versatile, professional desuckering machines help remove adventitious shoots (younger shoots) and control weeds. Resistant rubber scrapers ensure a fast, effective, quality job.

  • Dabayma manual shoot remover

    The manual shoot remover is a tool used for removing shoots easily and quickly. Its face-to-face brushes, slightly inclined towards the stem, remove the shoots with a simple brushing action. It has a system to open the brushes according to the diameter of the stem.

    Elimination of shoots or suckers appearing on the stem:
    To properly get rid of shoots or suckers (or similar), you must ensure the brushes are properly attached from below, so that the shoots are properly removed from the front of the manual shoot remover. Once properly adjusted, the brushes must make pushing movements toward the ground so the shoots are removed by this action. The larger the stem diameter, the more the guides through the system must be opened, with the longer length brushes gripping the whole stem circumference.

    Removal of shoots appearing at the base of the stem:
    These shoots cannot be removed by the aforementioned action, because of their location. The manual shoot remover has a blade attached to one of the brush guides to remove such shoots. The base of the shoot should be cut with the bottom of the blade, both on the inside and outside of the blade (depending on whether the shoots are on the right or left side of the stem). The blade should be directed toward the base of the shoot and cut it there. The manual shoot remover can also be rotated to attack the shoot with the front or top of the blade.

    🖤 This product is a customer favourite.

    • Low cost
    • Performance of 1,100 plants/hour
    • Quick and practical removal of shoots
    • Operator in a standing position (thus preventing back pain)
    • Profitability of production resulting from reduced hours worked per hectare
    • Improved fruit quality thanks to a greater number of repetitions of this practical and fast operation
    • Removal of young shoots from the following year’s pruning
    • Savings of 35 min/ha, or 2.2 hours/workday
    • Long-lasting brush: over 30 hectares, or 60,000 plants
    • Ideal for : 
    • vineyards
  • Infaco PW3 Desuckering head

    The grapevine desuckering head is an innovating alternative to the current desuckering solutions available on the market.

    Like all mechanical desuckering solutions, it eliminates the use of chemicals. The POWERCOUP PW3 desuckering tool brings flexibility, ease of use, quality and precision desuckering. Indeed, this hand-held power tool sets itself apart from the heavy hydraulic equipment that is very often expensive, complicated to use and requires experienced operators.

    Usable by all without any specific training, the POWERCOUP PW3 desuckering tool considerably reduces the discomfort of this task which is essential to the correct maintenance of grapevines.

    Thanks to its mechanical operation, you can say goodbye to chemicals! With 10 configurable speed ranges, it easily adapts to your needs.

    💲 MAPAQ subsidy available for this product.

    • On a telescopic extension pole
    • Length: 1.3 to 1.6 m
    • Weight: 2.9 kg
    • Power: 264 W
    • Speed: 320 to 1,900 rpm
    • 10 configurable speed ranges
  • Ostraticky Desuckering machine

    Mechanically clean grapevine stems in your vineyard with the OSTRATICKY desuckering machine! The ideal tool to help reduce the use of chemical products in your fields and minimize your efforts. Besides cleaning/removing gum and old bark from stems, the OSTRATICKY desuckering machine can also help you with weed control.

    🖤 This product is a customer favourite.
    💲 MAPAQ subsidy available for this product

    • Brush diameter: 45 cm
    • Working height of 40 or 60 cm
    • Can be paired to till on both sides of the vine at the same time!

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