Our approach to tillage and weed control

What do all healthy crops have in common? The answer is simple: carefully maintained, weed-free soil. For a successful orchard, vineyard, nursery or berry farm, make sure you treat your soil with the right products and techniques.

Do you use portable or tractor-mounted sprayers? Find out how you can reduce the use of Round Up herbicides. Our solutions are partially subsidized by MAPAQ.

Durable precision products

Quality equipment is essential for effective tillage and weed control. We’ve got tools and equipment that work as hard as you do.

Products for all your needs

Cultivators, hoeing machines, mowers, ploughs, goose-foot arrow hoes, double disc ploughs, rotary wheels, rototillers, harrows… Find everything you need for cultivating, ploughing, weeding, tilling and much more.

Soil and weed experts

Get personalized advice on how to eliminate weeds, keep your soil healthy and optimize your equipment’s performance. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, feel free to send us photos!

Our tillage and weed control products

Check out our top-quality products for effective weed control and professional tillage.

Take advantage of ULV technology or attachments for your sprayer system.
Work the soil deeply to properly aerate it and eliminate weeds.
Leaf removers
Get beautiful clusters by providing your grapes with adequate sun exposure, without too much effort.
Prune your plants without compromising on speed or quality, while saving on labour.
Gain precious time by easily and quickly pre-pruning your vines.
Clean your plant rows and eliminate weeds to help your crops grow.
Desuckering tools
Remove adventitious shoots (tougher/younger shoots) from grapevines to promote the ripening of grape-bearing branches.

Download our product catalogue

Download our catalogue of horticultural products and discover the wide range of tools, equipment and machinery for horticultural production. Trellising, cutting and harvesting tools, weed control, protection against birds, insects and predators… You’ll find everything you need.

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