Discover our protective crop covers and fasteners

Get effective protection for your silage covers, silage bags and bale tubes with our superior covers and tarps. Be sure to inquire about our fastening systems too.

  • Silonet

    220g/m2 polyethylene fabric to protect silage bags, bunkers and round bale tubes. Backed by 25+ years of experience, these covers are extremely tough and made to last.

    Dark green monofilament fabric offering 4.2 tons/m2 in strength. 7-year UV warranty. Adjustable positioning depending on the surface area. A durable product to protect your investment. Provides optimal protection against all types of animals and ensures exceptional forage preservation. Texture is highly abrasion and tear-resistant.

    🖤 This product is a customer favourite.

    • 4m x 25m
    • 5m x 20m
    • 6m x 25m
    • 8m x 15m
    • 8m x 25m
    • 10m x 12m
    • 10m x 15m
    • 12m x 15m
  • Silolest

    Silage bunker mats with integrated weights that slide over silage covers. The mats connect to create a belt along the bunker face to prevent air from entering. Equipped with 4 handles to facilitate sliding.

    No more need to move a lot of silo bags or tires! Simply slide the mats into place in just a few minutes. 5 small hooks on each side allow you to connect the mats. Made from high-density polyethylene monofilament, the mats are extremely abrasion-resistant. The weighted product is stable and delivers reliable protection. 7-year UV warranty. Pre-filled, no assembly required. Used to cover silage bunker openings.

    • Size: 2.4 m x 2.4 m.
    • Weight: Approximately 57 kg
  • Silobag

    Eliminates the need for using tires on silage piles. Creates an effective air-tight seal for silage bunkers. Made of high-density polyethylene. Abrasion-resistant. Simply fill the bags with gravel or sand. Interwoven construction for exceptional strength. Longer lifespan and 7-year UV warranty. Water drains away to prevent the bags from freezing. 15 kg of gravel required per bag (recommended). Bags come with a handle for easy transportation. Do not exceed bag fill limits to ensure product longevity.

    • Size: 1.2 m or 0.7 m (length)
  • Clacpack

    An effective and durable solution for fastening tarps. With a hard plastic portion that attaches to a soft plastic piece, this fastener won’t pierce your tarps. Place clacpacks one metre apart, with a maximum of 8 kg, to keep the tarp stretched. Can be used for silonet, hay covers or any other type of tarp!

    • A durable fastener!
    • Strong, easy to use, reusable and effective

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