Discover our leaf removers

Our professional leaf removers are easy to operate and robust, while offering uniform results in the vineyard. Remove your leaves efficiently with our machines, which have been specifically designed for vineyard work.

  • Ostraticky Leaf remover

    The OSTRATICKY leaf remover facilitates your task when removing leaves from grapevines. Very simple to use, it aerates plants at the same time, which can play a positive role in the grape ripening process and in disease control.

    The EF-2000 model is equipped with a fan that shreds leaves, while the EF-3001 model uses rollers in its operation.

    • Can be installed on the lift system of the OSTRATICKY trimmer
    • Sold with or without a lift system
    • Available in two models:
    • EF-2000 with leaf-shredding fan
    • EF-3001 with rollers

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