Discover our products for protecting your plants

Your plants and fruit deserve the very best when it comes to protecting them against animals and the elements. Offer them top-quality products tested by our experts. Netting, fences, bird scarers, covers; lateral or complete protection of rows: effectively ensure the safety of mature plants and young shoots, without harming animals.

Bird scarers
Electronic bird repellers or kites, for big or small coverage area, residential or agricultural use
Bird and insect netting
The most effective solution on the market to protect fruit from birds. Approved by our experts!
Deer fences
The most effective solution to keep deer away from specific areas. Approved by our farmers!
Winter covers
Protect your plants against winter frost and strong winds to safeguard your next harvest.
Protection for young plants
Protect your most vulnerable young plants against strong winds, animals and herbicide drifts.

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