Agri-Flex, your ideal partner for horticultural projects

Whether you grow vines, fruit trees, fruit shrubs, vegetables or flowers, Agri-Flex is your specialist in horticulture, offering tailor-made advice. Here is our secret…

We know the trends

The horticulture industry is constantly evolving. Our team makes sure we stay abreast of the latest technologies locally and around the globe. When it comes to research and development, we keep up to date!

We care about performance

We believe your workforce deserves products that are solid, well-designed, comfortable and built to last. This is the winning combination for maximum efficiency, well-being and sustainability.

We think long-term

Our years of experience have shown us the importance of planning today to harvest better tomorrow. Thinking long-term means investing in the success of your business.

Horticulture, we get it!

Trellising, protection against animals, cutting, weed control… Your plants are precious and need tailor-made maintenance. Let us help you take care of your horticultural production, whatever its nature.


Vines, apple trees, raspberries … Your plants need support to grow properly and resist bad weather. We have everything you need to meet your trellising needs, including quality products, personalized advice, and proven installation and positioning techniques. Make your life easier by working with our experts on your trellising, and enjoy improved production and increased efficiency.

Protection against insects, birds and predators

From stakes and fences to bird and insect nets, electronic and mechanical bird scarers to scare away predators… we have a whole range of premium products to successfully protect the fruit of your labour.

Pruning (cutting) tools

Growing also includes pruning! Good thing we have a wide range of power and manual cutting tools. Work better with versatile tools, high quality products and specialized machinery (Trimmers, leaf removers, pre-pruners) suited to your specific needs.

Weed control and tillage

Weed control applicators and sprayers for weed products (Roundup), rotary or blade weeding tools, ridging tools… We have the products and recommendations you need depending on your soil type (organic or not).

Expertise by type of cultivation

Viticulture, market gardening, fruit arboriculture, ornamental horticulture, floriculture, greenhouse farming, nurseries… whatever your field of activity, we have the expertise. For advice that pays off, contact our team!







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