Discover our baler twine

Choose from our selection of harvesting twine to tie your bales, regardless of whether they’re big, small, round or square. Ask about our different products: we’ve got baler twine made from 100% virgin polyethylene, recycled materials, natural sisal fibres and more.

  • Baler twine

    The strongest baler twine on the market. Polypropylene is naturally resistant to rodents and mildew. Our polypropylene twine products are UV treated so that they stay strong, even after being exposed to the elements. Our twine works in all types of power presses. You won’t need to modify the knotter if your baler is properly adjusted.

    Contact us to find out which twine product is right for your needs.

    • 10,000’/240 lb. knot strength – 31 lb. spool – Blue or orange
    • 12,000’/185 lb. knot strength – 30 lb. spool – Blue or orange
    • 3300’/600 lb. knot strength – 23 lb. spool – White
    • 4000’/500 lb. knot strength – 22 lb. spool – Blue or orange
    • 4000’/550 lb. knot strength – 23 lb. spool – Blue or orange
    • 4000’/550 knot strength – 23 lb. spool – Black (Reyenvas, made from recycled materials)
    • 9000’/180 lb. knot strength – 20 lb. spool – Blue or orange
    • 40,000’/110 lb. knot strength – 26 lb. spool – Blue or orange
    • 3750’/600 lb. knot strength – 27 lb. spool – Pink (Maxxcord)
  • Sisal baler twine

    Natural sisal twine is made from plant fibre and is 100% biodegradable. Available in single-ply or twisted. Since it’s a biodegradable product, it can be mixed in with animal feed, provided that it’s not treated.

    Cheaper by weight and made from carefully selected fibres, this top-quality natural product is manufactured in Brazil.

    A rodent-resistant treated version is also available. Treated twine can’t be wrapped or included in animal feed.

    • Colour: natural
    • 9000′ treated
    • 9000′ untreated
    • 16,000′ treated
    • 16,000′ untreated

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