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Offer yourself complete weed control and deep soil cultivation with our top-quality powerful tillers. They slide easily between plants without breaking them, thanks to an ingenious obstacle detection sensor.

  • Ostraticky LPO Rotary Tiller

    Ideal for tilling the soil between your vineyard or orchard rows, the OSTRATICKY LPO rotary tiller is a versatile tool that can convert into a mower or grape hoe with blade! This very resistant tiller includes an obstacle detection sensor that enables you to circulate between vineyard plants or to bypass them without injuring them.

    Install it in front or at the centre of your tractor, or use a pair to till on both sides at the same time!

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    • Obstacle detection sensor
    • Converts into a mower or grape hoe with blade
    • Includes a lifting system with hydraulic angle adjustment and deep wheel
    • Requires a tractor with an approximate oil flow of 30 litres/minute
    • Possibility of doubling up for simultaneous tilling on both sides
    • For tractor front or centre installation
    • Available in several models with varying disc diameters:
    • LPO-300: 300 mm
    • LPO-400: 400 mm
    • LPO-500: 500 mm

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