Our approach to forage conservation

Whether you’re filling silage bags or round bale tubes, building or covering silage piles or bunkers, or wrapping round or square bales, forage conservation needs to be done right. Here’s how we can help.

Top-quality products

Our experts test a wide range of forage conservation products and can recommend the best ones for your needs. Choose quality products and get a better return on investment over the long term.

Proven techniques

Capitalize on our extensive agricultural experience and ask us for help choosing the best products for your needs. We can also recommend techniques to make your growing operations faster, easier and more cost-effective.

Innovative solutions

Major advancements are redefining agriculture. We strive to keep up with the latest technological advances so that we’re always able to provide you with innovative and effective solutions.

Our forage conservation products

Discover our top-quality forage conservation products.

Bale wrap
Wrapping for in-line or individual bales, both round and square.
Bunker covers and oxygen
Bunker covers, combo bunker covers with EVOH oxygen barriers, Sil02Block, etc.
Agricultural twine and nets
Everything to attach your bales (small or large, round or square).
Silage bags
Our top-quality silage bags offer the right thickness for optimal forage preservation and fermentation
Round bale tubes
Tube for round bales in line to the field.
Perfect solutions to protect your forage, including tarp clips and gravel bags.

Download our product catalogue

Download our catalogue of agricultural products and discover the wide range of farming tools and equipment we offer.

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