Discover our oxygen barriers

Find the best oxygen barriers for your silage bunkers and piles. Designed to stick to silage and create an effective gas and oxygen barrier, our films ensure superior forage fermentation and preservation.

  • Oxygen barrier/silage film

    A thin, transparent film that is placed directly onto silage to preserve your crops and prevent spoilage. Protects silage from gases and oxygen with a waterproof material containing EVOH resin.

    Our recommendation: Add a 6 mil protective cover over the oxygen barrier.

    Available dimensions:
    – 8 m x 100 m
    – 10 m x 100 m
    – 12 m x 100 m
    – 14 m x 100 m
    – 16 m x 50 m
    – 40 ft x 200 ft
    – 50 ft x 200 ft

    • EVOH resin components
    • Thickness: 1.6 mm

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