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In a vineyard or orchard, as much as in any other part of your field, weed control is an essential step. Our professional-grade mowers can pass between rows and plants, for unrivalled cultivation precision. They can also be installed on just one side of a tractor (single) or on both sides (double).

  • MSO Ostraticky Rotary Mower

    Get those pesky weeds under control in your vineyard or orchard, thanks to the OSTRATICKY MSO mechanical rotary mower—a truly versatile tool! Its high-speed rotary blades cut grass as well as finer weeds along a 40 cm or 60 cm surface.

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    • High-speed rotary blades
    • Working width: 40 or 60 cm
    • Includes a lifting system with hydraulic angle adjustment and deep wheel
    • Available in several models with varying disc diameters:
    • MSO-400 : 400 mm
    • MSO-600 : 600 mm
    • For tractor front or centre installation
    • Possibility of doubling up for simultaneous tilling on both sides
  • MGV undervine (cloverleaf) mower

    Grass seeding along vine rows is an effective solution for countering erosion. However, thorough control of weeds is still crucial. The original design, with its characteristic shape, allows the mower to get between stakes and vine stocks.

    • Mower equipped with six suction and retractable blades that ensure a clean cut
    • Minimal projection risk
    • Width of cut on row: 40cm
    • Cutting height and ground contour flow ensured by a height-adjustable mower deck along with a parallelogram design and weight compensation spring
    • Retractable mower deck with manual or hydraulic tilting adjustment, with adjustable spring return option for mowing between vine stocks and stakes
    • External plastic protector to allow machine to smoothly move along the ground between vine stocks
    • Hydraulic drive motor with total displacement of 8 cm³ and belt
    • Requires an oil flow of 25 litres/minute
    • Travel speed: 3 to 4 km/h
    • Optional kit for hydraulic lift or tilting and motor load shedding
    • Best used for trellised vines
    • Ideal for : 
    • vineyards
    • orchard

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