1. Our horticultural expertise

    For horticulture needs, we’ve got you covered! Vineyards, orchards, fruit trees, berries, nursery, vegetable farms … Whatever your needs, our experts are ready to assist you. 

  2. Our agricultural expertise

    Our experts know everything about agriculture! Dairy production, cereal production, cattle breeding … we have the products and the advice you need.

Why choose Agri-Flex

For both agriculture and horticulture, working with top quality products (materials, tools, equipment, machinery) is essential. Getting tailored advice from experts who understand this is even better. Agri-Flex is all that and so much more!

High quality products built to last

Choosing well-built tools that are designed to last a long time is an investment in your performance. Discover the superior quality of our agricultural and horticultural products imported from Europe.

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Tailor-made expertise and support

Better thinking today means earning more tomorrow. We are not just a distributor; we are your expert partner for personalized advice that will take your production further.

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Fast delivery service

When a need arises in the field, in the vineyard or in the orchard, the time factor is part of the solution. That’s why we offer a fast delivery service to help your business run without downtime.

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Discover all of our products

Whether your needs are horticultural or agricultural, our vast inventory of top-quality, materials, tools, equipment and machinery will help simplify tasks, improve production and save time.

Our brands

Discover the horticultural and agricultural manufacturers with whom we collaborate.

Request a quote

Use our quick and easy tool to share your needs with us. This will help us fully understand your unique needs and allow us to offer you the best solution. It only takes 5 minutes.

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