Find out how we protect crops from insects, birds and predators

Our approach to protecting trees and shrubs involves using solutions that are intended to scare or repel insects, birds and other predators instead of killing them. Keep your pets and family safe with alternatives to cannons.

Protect your plants from insects

We offer insect nets and other equipment to protect your crops from wasps, ladybugs fruit flies, beetles, etc. Find out more about our products covered by MAPAQ.

Protect your plants from birds

Bird nets, scarecrows, electronic noisemakers… Ask our experts about the different options for scaring and repelling nuisance birds such as gulls, crows, sparrows, geese, blue jays, etc.

Protect your plants from predators

Need to protect your plants, trees, saplings, cedar hedges and shrubs from predators like deer, wild turkeys and other pests? We’ve got fences, trunk protectors and much more.

Our products to protect crops from insects, birds and predators

Do you manage an orchard, vineyard, vegetable farm or garden? Explore our products and get effective protection against insects, birds and other predators for your fruits, vegetables and saplings. Nets, scarecrows, deer fences, winter covers… Let us help you choose the right products.

Bird scarers
Electronic bird repellers or kites, for big or small coverage area, residential or agricultural use
Bird and insect netting
The most effective solution on the market to protect fruit from birds. Approved by our experts!
Deer fences
The most effective solution to keep deer away from specific areas. Approved by our farmers!
Winter covers
Protect your plants against winter frost and strong winds to safeguard your next harvest.
Protection for young plants
Protect your most vulnerable young plants against strong winds, animals and herbicide drifts.

Download our product catalogue

Download our catalogue of horticultural products and discover the wide range of tools, equipment and machinery we offer for horticultural production. Trellising, cutting and harvesting tools, weed control, protection against birds, insects and predators… You’ll find everything you need.

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