Discover our bale wrap end caps

Make sure the first bale is properly wrapped and the rest of the row is sealed off with our specially designed end caps for in-line round bales. We offer a variety of end cap sizes to make sure your bales get the right fit.

  • End caps

    Starter bag designed to wrap the first round bale in a row. Effectively seals the first bale to protect the entire line of silage bales. Bags are UV-treated.

    • Colour: white
    • Thickness: 4 mil
    • Available dimensions:
    • 88 x 72 (short, suitable for 56″ bales)
    • 88 x 120 (long, suitable for 56″ bales)
    • 93 x 72 (short, suitable for 59″ bales)
    • 93 x 120 (long, suitable for 59″ bales)
    • 110 x 72 (short, suitable for 70″ bales)

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