Our approach to protecting crops from birds and predators

Farming is hard work. Don’t let your crops fall victim to hungry predators. Inquire about our highly effective solutions so that you can reap the benefits of your labour.

Sustainable, wildlife-friendly crop protection

From scarecrows to other scare devices, we give priority to ecological and wildlife-friendly solutions to predator-proof your farm and protect human health.

Lasting and versatile products

Our top-quality products will offer lasting protection in your fields. For fast and long-lasting results, choose the best available products for your needs.

Effective protection that won’t put your crops at risk

It’s a problem you know all too well. If animals puncture or tear the plastic wrap on your silage bags, tubes and bunkers, your forage fermentation and crop value can be compromised. Ask us about which crop protection products are best for your needs.

Products to protect crops from birds and predators

Discover our top-quality products for protecting crops from birds and predators!

Bird scarers
Effective and sustainable solutions for protecting buildings and crops.
Protective covers and fasteners
Ideal forage protection solutions, including include cover fasteners and gravel bags.

Download our product catalogue

Download our catalogue of agricultural products and discover the wide range of farming tools and equipment we offer.

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