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Pruning large branches is a breeze with our versatile and lightweight electric saws, which are compatible with the electric pruners. Enjoy the motorized head, which can be fitted with six different tools (saws, desuckering tools, hedge-trimmers, etc.), not to mention extension poles for working at heights.

  • Infaco POWERCOUP PW3 motorized handle

    Thanks to its patented interchangeable head system, the POWERCOUP PW3 motorized handle can morph into six practical tools: a reciprocating saw, an arborist’s chain saw, a hedge-trimmer, an olive harvester, a desuckering tool, and a blossom thinner.

    Compact and light, the “flat” brushless technology motor provides optimal output, higher than a classic DC motor. Simply connect your tool and the motor speed adapts automatically to define the best power/speed/torque for the tool being used.

    Comfortable and versatile, the PW3 handle is both silent and ecological. Use this tool with the extension pole for work at heights, and adapt it to your needs by switching from fixed to telescopic mode with a simple click.

    The POWERCOUP PW3 range can be used with all the INFACO batteries 48V (F3005, F3010, Lithium F3015 and L810B).

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    • Power: 48 V
    • Works with or without extension pole
    • Can be used with a fixed or telescopic extension pole
    • 1 grip = 6 interchangeable heads
    • Electronic recognition of tools
    • Automatically adapting speed
  • Infaco PW3 saw head (chainsaw)

    Its light weight and its compact size make it easy to use. The tool is very easy to handle and guarantees fast cuts, one of its strengths. The arborist’s chainsaw head, suitable for tree surgeons, can be used to cut diameters of up to 150 mm. It can also be used to prune grapevines as well as to restructure orchards.

    Designed for arborists, the INFACO PW3 saw head comes with an attachment point to quickly hook it to or detach it from the harness. It’s also the perfect tool for pruning grapevines and restructuring orchards.

    • Chain adapted to PW3 handle performance
    • Return pinion limits wear and tear on the guide and the chain.
    • Automatic chain tensioning
    • Chain guide length: 20 cm
    • Maximum cut: 150 mm
    • Chain pitch: ¼ inch
    • Power: 1392W
    • Weight handheld: 2.8 kg
    • Weight with 93cm fixed extension pole: 3.4 kg
    • Weight with 1.83m fixed extension pole: 3.8 kg
    • Weight with telescopic 1.10m-1.65m extension pole: 4.0 kg
    • Emergency safety lever for easily stopping the device at any time
    • Ring behind the grip for fast attachment
  • Infaco PW3 Saw Head

    The up to 100 mm diameter cut quality is exceptional (cuts identical to ELECTROCOUP shears). It thereby makes it possible to reduce the risk of wood disease when restructuring trees, as well as the number of shoots. Its ease of use and the absence of rebound risks makes the user’s work more comfortable.

    🖤 This product is a customer favourite.
    💲 MAPAQ subsidy available for this product.

    • Maximum cut: 100 mm
    • Power: 1,392 W
    • Speed: 3,200 cycles/minute
    • Weight Handheld: 2.4 kg
    • Weight With 93 cm fixed extension pole: 3.1 kg
    • Weight With 1.83 m fixed extension pole: 3.5 kg
    • Weight With 1.10 to 1.65 m telescopic extension pole: 3.7 kg
    • Works with or without extension pole
    • Can be used with a fixed or telescopic extension pole
  • Infaco PW3 hedge-trimmer head

    The hedge-trimmer heads can be used to maintain all types of hedge. Very easy to use, easy to handle, silent and vibration-free, the “INFACO high performance blades” guarantee true professional work. This tool is very pleasant to use both for man-height work and for work at several metres from the ground.

    Available in two versions:
    60 cm double-sided blade, ideal for precision work.
    70 cm double-sided blade, for working on high and/or wide hedges or in single passes

    Offered in addition:
    Anti-rebound stop for double-sided blades protects blade tips from any impact with walls or ground.

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    • Double-sided blade – 70 cm : weight: 3.7 kg
    • Double-sided blade – 60 cm : weight: 3.4 kg
    • Speed: 3,200 cuts/minute
    • Power : 1392W
    • Fixed or telescopic poles available for height work
  • Infaco PW3 olive harvester

    Harvesting olives by hand requires time and patience. Get this done in a third of the time with INFACO’s PW3 olive harvester!

    The olive harvester heads make it possible to optimise olive harvesting times, dividing them by 3 compared to manual harvesting. The elliptical movement of the carbon fingers respects the plant in order to optimise following harvests and reduces the alternating phenomenon. Thanks to this movement, the olives fall less to the sides and are easier to pick up.

    Comfortable and producing very few vibrations, this tool stands out among other vibration tools, which are often heavy, loud and polluting. The POWERCOUP PW3 is also the only electric olive harvester tool on the market to be compatible with five other tools: arborist chainsaw, reciprocal saw, hedge-trimmer, desuckering tool and blossom thinner.

    💲 MAPAQ subsidy available for this product.

    • Can be used with a fixed or telescopic extension pole
    • Speed: 850-1250 rpm
    • Power: 720W
    • On a 2.5 m fixed extension pole: Weight: 2.4 kg
    • On a 2.2 to 2.8 m telescopic extension pole: Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Infaco PW3 Desuckering head

    The grapevine desuckering head is an innovating alternative to the current desuckering solutions available on the market.

    Like all mechanical desuckering solutions, it eliminates the use of chemicals. The POWERCOUP PW3 desuckering tool brings flexibility, ease of use, quality and precision desuckering. Indeed, this hand-held power tool sets itself apart from the heavy hydraulic equipment that is very often expensive, complicated to use and requires experienced operators.

    Usable by all without any specific training, the POWERCOUP PW3 desuckering tool considerably reduces the discomfort of this task which is essential to the correct maintenance of grapevines.

    Thanks to its mechanical operation, you can say goodbye to chemicals! With 10 configurable speed ranges, it easily adapts to your needs.

    💲 MAPAQ subsidy available for this product.

    • On a telescopic extension pole
    • Length: 1.3 to 1.6 m
    • Weight: 2.9 kg
    • Power: 264 W
    • Speed: 320 to 1,900 rpm
    • 10 configurable speed ranges
  • Infaco PW3 Blossom-thinner head

    The blossom thinning head is used by Arborists to mechanically thin out blossom, thereby saving an average of 60 to 70 hours work per hectare compared to a manual operation. The purpose of this operation being to optimise fruit size and ripening, it is essential for self-fertile species.

    By making it possible to work safely from the ground and offering 10 configurable speed ranges, this tool adapts perfectly to all your thinning projects.

    💲 MAPAQ subsidy available for this product.

    • Brushing wires that facilitate the passage between branches, so trees can be thinned as respectfully as possible
    • Weight: 2.9 kg
    • Power: 264 W
    • Speed: 320 to 1,900 rpm
    • On a telescopic extension pole: Length: 1.5 to 1.9m
    • 10 configurable speed ranges

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